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March, 1997

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Louisville Courier Journal, March 31 · Carried an article by Washington Post writer Rob Stein on research conducted by UI Drs. Antonio and Hanna Damasio, neurology, into hunches and gut feelings.

American Medical News, March 31 · Ran an item about UI research that resulted in a model to detect spinal damage and test new treatments. The publication also listed three UI faculty members who had received recent awards: Kevin Spratt, Gerald Gebhart, and Stephen Meller.

The New Republic, March 31 * The Iowa Summer Writing Series (sic) is mentioned in a review of "The Kiss," a memoir by Kathryn Harrison. Reviewer James Wolcott notes that the Summer Writing Festival offers workshops on "survival stories" as an example of "agony overload" when it comes to memoirs.

CNN, March 31 * The network featured the latest research of UI Assistant Professor of Finance Tim Loughran and Associate Professor of Finance Anand M. Vijh. The study looked at whether acquisitions are more successful when made with stocks or cash.

Austin (Texas) American-Statesman, March 30 * Article described plans by UI Writers' Workshop graduate Tom Grimes to make the writing program at Southwest Texas State a top-level program comparable to the one at the UI.

The (Long Beach, Calif.) Press-Telegram, March 29 · The UI is mentioned in a story about directory assistance operators. The operators often are not located in or familiar with the state for which the caller seeks information.

Science News, March 29 * The work of UI Psychology Professor Grazyna Kochanska was the subject of a story about the development of conscience in children. Her long-term study of preschoolers indicates "the moral beacon known as a conscience develops in different ways, with critical contributions from both a child's natural approach to the world and specific parental practices."

Creative Loafing, March 24 · The UI's Virtual Hospital is included in an article on medical Web sites.

The New York Times, March 23 * "Western Electric," by Don Zancanella, published by the UI Press, was included in the "Books in Brief" review section.

Omaha World-Herald, March 22 * The UI was included in a comparison of the number of National Merit Scholars enrolling for fall 1996 at Iowa and Nebraska universities. The UI had 21 merit scholars, ranking 94th nationally.

Medical Tribune-Internist & Cardiologist, March 20 · Raymond Hohl, UI internal medicine and pharmacology, was quoted in an article describing how doctors must determine the role of iron deficiency when assessing anemia.

Medical Tribune-Family Physician Edition, March 20 * Featured UI Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine Dr. Raymond Hohl and his study on assessing anemia.

The Hartford Courant, March 19; Nature Biotechnology, March * Reported that researchers in the College of Medicine had identified a gene responsible for juvenile-onset primary open-angle glaucoma, a form of glaucoma that mainly affects teenagers.

Chicago Tribune, March 18 * A feature article on UI wrestling coach Dan Gable noted how Gable is having difficulty deciding whether to retire or remain for one more year.

The Courier-Journal (Louisville, Ky.), March 17 * UI College of Nursing Dean Melanie Dreher, who is also president of Sigma Theta Tau International, spoke at the Honor Society of Nursing regional assembly meeting in Louisville, Ky. Her talk was on "Clinical Scholarship: The Key to Survival in an Era of Managed Care."

The Worcester (Mass.) Telegram & Gazette, March 17 * An Associated Press feature story on local high school student Melinda Turner and her work on a computer program that may help predict the effects of drugs on patients also mentioned that she received extensive help from James Turner, her father and a senior researcher at the UI's Center for Computer Aided Design (CCAD).

Atlanta Constitution, March 16 * Columnist used a study by David Baldus, UI professor of law, to bolster her argument that the death penalty is "too arbitrary to be justice."

New York Times, March 16 * As part of a six-part series on the lives of welfare recipients, one featured recipient was reported to be a Purdue University and UI student before dropping out and becoming a drug-addict and eventual welfare recipient in Chicago. After a series of trying events chronicled in the story, last year she was named the Student Laureate at De Paul University and plans to attend law school.

Kirkus Reviews, March 15 · "Snake's Daughter: The Roads In and Out of War," by Gail Hosking Gilberg, published by the UI Press, was reviewed as a "poignant memoir of loss by the daughter of a career soldier who died in Vietnam."

Chronicle Of Higher Education, March 14 * A letter to the editor by Keith Stroyan, UI professor of mathematics, suggested that an earlier Chronicle article failed to reflect the successes of efforts to reform the teaching of calculus.

MT Today, March 10 · Michael Cohen, UI director of cytopathology, is quoted in an article on the standards of cytology training as saying that many resident physicians feel they do not receive enough training in the field, which examines the structure of cells.

Chicago Tribune, March 9; New York Times Magazine, April 6 * Dr. Donald Black, UI professor of psychiatry, was mentioned in articles relating to his research with the drug fluvoxamine, which might help curb a lust for shopping.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; The Kansas City (Mo.) Star, March 7 * An item in "sportsbriefs" noted that UI football coach Hayden Fry has agreed to a contract extension that will keep him under contract through June 30, 2001.

Medical Tribune-Internist & Cardiologist, March 6; Medical Tribune-Family Physician Edition, March 6; Patient Care Physician Edition, Feb. 28; Internist & Cardiologist, March 6 * Dr. Harold Adams, UI professor of neurology and chairman of the American Heart Association Stroke Council, was quoted: "Many of us have felt that it was just a matter of time before we saw a relationship between increased dietary fat, cholesterol and lipids and stroke. It has just taken longer for those associations to emerge."

The State (Columbia SC), March 4; The Palm Beach (Fla.) Post, Feb 27; Washington Post, Feb. 25 and Houston Chronicle, March 6 * Reported on a study identifying a natural antibiotic in fluid lining the respiratory tract that may someday be used to help people with cystic fibrosis. The researchers said the most important clue was the discovery last year by Dr. Michael Welsh, UI professor of internal medicine, that the fluid lining the respiratory tract in healthy people kills bacteria, while respiratory-tract fluid from CF patients does not.

The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.), March 4; The Dallas Morning News, March 11; The Fresno (Calif.) Bee, March 9; Carolina Parent and Tampa Tribune, March 14 * Dr. Arthur J. Nowak, president of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and UI professor of pediatric dentistry and pediatrics, was quoted about weaning children from the bottle.

Metropolitan News-Enterprise, March 4 * Dr. Edwin Stone, UI professor of ophthalmology, was quoted in a story reporting that researchers have found mutant gene linked to disease that causes blindness. "This is a fantastic accomplishment. It is a very big deal," Stone says.

Washington Post, March 2 * The Post's books section includes a review by Mark Baechtel, "an Iowa Arts Fellow in fiction writing at the University of Iowa's Writers' Workshop."

New York Times Magazine, March 2 * Iowa Playwrights Workshop graduate Naomi Wallace was the subject of a feature, "An American Exile in America." The article quotes Pulitzer Prize- winner Tony Kushner: "I was doing a one-week stint at the playwriting program at the Iowa Playwrights Workshop. The students were all OK, smart, talented. And then there was Naomi. I remember thinking, 'Who IS this?" The article also notes that Wallace's husband teaches literature at the UI.

Inside Arts, March * Hancher Auditorium won the 1996 Dawson Award for Programmatic Excellence from the Association of Performing Arts Presenters. Inside Arts covered that news by reprinting the presenting speech by UI alumnus Rinde Eckert, who said "Hancher's support for  new work is long-standing," and even managed to mention the Center for New Music and UI faculty member Don Jenni as well. Eckert said of Hancher director Wally Chappell, "Wally is the reason I'm particularly honored to be here. In fact, Wally was one of the main reasons I'm anywhere at all. His early support of my work through Hancher Auditorium and the University of Iowa has been a cornerstone of my life as a performing artist."

Living Fit, March; The State (Columbia, S.C.), Feb. 8; The Palm Beach (Fla.) Post, Feb. 8 and Houston Chronicle, Feb. 24 * Findings of Dr. Thomas N. Taylor, associate professor of  psychiatry, were reported at the 22nd International Joint Conference on Stroke and Cerebral Circulation. He developed a computer simulation of a stroke's lifetime economic burden. In the report Taylor noted that the cost of a stroke varies, depending on type, but that the total lifetime cost of first-time strokes in the United States is $41 billion.

The New York Times online, March * The Hardin Library for the Health Sciences was noted as having an excellent collection of health resources and gave their web site address.

The A P A Monitor, March * UI psychiatrists Dr. Arnold Anderson and Lima Didomenico, were mentioned in an article about researchers who are studying how gender, ethnicity and culture intersect with body image and eating disorders among all groups.

The New Physician, March * Featured Ozzie F. Diaz-Duque, author and medical interpreter at the UI Hospitals and Clinics, who noted several suggestions for future physicians who someday will have to examine patients with the assistance of an interpreter. For example, he noted, "be aware that some Native American, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and Asian people may avoid eye contact with the doctor out of politeness, modesty or respect."

Dermatology Times, March * In an article about skin grafts Dr. Duane Whitaker, UI professor of dermatology, notes that "in general, the rule for grafts should be to put them on, place the dressings, and, unless there is evidence of infection or hematoma, leave them alone."

CAP Today, March * Dr. Michael Pfaller, UI professor of pathology, discussed new and effective methods of antiviral drug susceptibility testing in HIV at the ASCP/CAP spring meeting in April, where discussions focused on current techniques and future applications of antifungal susceptibility testing.

Bulletin/Association Of Performing Arts Presenters, March * Reports on participation of Hancher Director Wally Chappell on planning grant panel of the Arts Partners Program.

U.S. Pharmacist, March * The College of Pharmacy was the subject of a story on enhancing human health and noted the history and contribution of the college from its early beginnings and leadership of Dean Louis P. Zopf. The article said that the college was a leader in welcoming women into the profession and also noted the dedication of a new pharmacy building.

Health Industry Today, March * The UI Medical Center was noted in an article relating to a new merger in the medical-surgical distribution community of McKesson and General Medical. The former, until now, was the prime supplier of medical-surgical supplies to hospitals in Iowa.

American Theatre, March · An article, "A Global Experience," described the readings at the New York Theatre Workshop, The Loft in Minneapolis and Maine's Portland Stage Company of plays by participants in the UI International Writing Program. "Why are so many people in so many places gathering to discuss what's happening in theatre around the world?" the article asked. "The answer lies with an extraordinary group of playwrights brought together by the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa."

The Medical Herald, March · Robert A. Oppliger, UI research scientist in the department of family practice, was a major source for a story on the health benefits and potential for injuries for young people who participate in the sport of wrestling.

Physicians Financial News, March · A story about the costly toll of stroke in the United States cited a UI project by Thomas N. Taylor, pharmacy, in which he developed a computer-simulation model that determined the cost, over a lifetime, of a stroke averaged $103,576.

Professions, Spring · Cover story on guest artist chamber music residencies included a photo of the Ying Quartet performing in the Cancer Clinic of Uuniversity of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC), as part of a residency presented by Hancher Auditorium.







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