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July, 1997

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AMERICAN HEALTH, July-August - A brief item notes that a study by Dr. DONALD BLACK, UI professor of psychiatry, aims to see whether the antidepressant fluvoxamine can help compulsive shoppers control their spending.

HAMILTON (Ontario, Canada) SPECTATOR, July 31 - In a story reprinted from Southam Newspapers in London, Ontario, Dr. ANTONIO DAMASIO, UI professor and head of neurology, is quoted on the areas of the brain responsible for fear.

FOR THE RECORD, July 28 - Dr. MICHAEL KIENZLE, UI associate dean for clinical affairs and director of the National Laboratory for the Study of Telemedicine commented in a story on telemedicine in prison populations.

THE (Charleston, S.C.) POST AND COURIER, July 28 - Dr. KEVIN DONLY, UI professor of dentistry, is quoted in a story on the improvement of materials used for fillings.

MEDICAL ECONOMICS, July 28 - UI Assistant Professor of Finance TIMOTHY LOUGHRAN observed in a story comparing the advantages of investing in small-, mid-, or large-cap stocks: "The last place you want to be is in small caps. They earn less money and they are less liquid."

FIRST FOR WOMEN, July 28 - A short titled "Make smarter decisions by harnessing your intuition" features the study by UI Professor and Head of Neurology ANTONIO DAMASIO. The study suggests that a part of the brain that processes emotional experiences sends unconscious messages, or hunches to the rest of the brain to help us recall past outcomes and make smart decisions.

U.S. NEWS AND WORLD REPORT, July 28 - The UNIVERSITY OF IOWA HOSPITALS AND CLINICS made the magazine's list of America's Best Hospitals in several categories, ranking 15th on the overall Honor Roll. Specialties noted for excellence included AIDS care, 24th in the nation; cancer, 19th; cardiology, 27th; endocrinology, 17th; gastroenterology, 21st; geriatrics, 19th; gynecology, 26th; neurology, 13th; orthopedics, 7th; otolaryngology, 3rd; pulmonary disease, 15th; urology, 18th; rheumatology, 25th; and ophthalmology, 6th.

THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, July 27 - A short piece about a proposal to use Transcendental Meditation techniques in city jails quotes UI Sociology Professor BARRY MARKOVSKY as a skeptic of the effectiveness of T.M.

THE (Memphis) COMMERCIAL APPEAL, July 27 - A Michigan sports booster, under NCAA investigation, is mentioned as having had ties to the UI.

CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, July 25 - UI Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering MALCOLM RAY is mentioned in an article about his study of highway guardrail crashworthiness.

CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, July 25 - The UI is listed in a table of data on admissions data for colleges with top 25 sports programs.

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, July 25 - A short article about the UI's individualized faculty work schedules, allowing tenured faculty members to negotiate how much time they spend on teaching, research, and service, quotes UI Law Professor SHELDON KURTZ as former president of faculty senate who helped develop the policy.

USA TODAY, July 22 - UI's grants and contracts surpassing $200 are noted in a short on events in Iowa.

ST. PETERSBURG (Fla.) TIMES, July 22 - Dr. STEVE LEVY of the UI College of Dentistry is included in a story on the lack of fluoride that occurs when people drink only bottled water. Levy has tested bottled water for fluoride and says most brands are way under the optimal level of 1 part per million.

BOSTON GLOBE, July 20 - HARLAN BRILLING, retired UI professor of geology, is mentioned in an article on New England trout fishing.

CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, July 20 - In a story on decreasing applications to law and medical schools, the UI COLLEGE OF MEDICINE is cited as seeing a 13 percent drop in applications for 1997 as compared to 1996.The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 18 · In a story about the possible conflicts of interest when faculty hire graduate students to perform non-academic duties, such as baby-sitting, housepainting or dog-walking, Bill Matthes, UI associate professor of counselor education, said he tries to avoid situations where students -- or other faculty -- might think one student is receiving preferential treatment.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 18 · The UI was included in a roundup of "Information Technology Resources" for providing access to a list of resources on the use of digital media in communications studies.

MEDICAL TRIBUNE-FAMILY PHYSICIAN EDITION, July 17 - Dr. MICHAEL APICELLA, UI professor of microbiology, says there needs to be more research to determine the prevalence and seriousness of pertussis (it occurs more often among children) among adults before recommending adult immunization.

NEW YORK TIMES, PROVIDENCE JOURNAL BULLETIN, ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, BALTIMORE SUN, GRAND RAPIDS PRESS, LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, DAILY NEWS (Woodland Hills, Calif.), NEWS JOURNAL (New Castle, Del.), July 15-20 - Bottled water may taste good, but it's low levels of fluoride may mean more tooth decay, according to Dr. STEVEN LEVY, UI professor of preventive and community dentistry.

UI wrestliing coach DAN GABLE is the subject of articles about his decision to take a one-year leave of absence in the July 15 issues of THE (Raleigh, N.C.) NEWS & OBSERVER, BIRMINGHAM (Ala.) POST-HERALD, RICHMOND (Va.) TIMES-DISPATCH, ATLANTA JOURNAL, THE (New Orleans) TIMES-PICAYUNE, (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.) SUN-SENTINEL, THE (New Castle, Del.) NEWS JOURNAL, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION and the BAY CITY (Mich.) TIMES. Stories also appeared in the MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE, (Denver, Colo.) ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS and the OMAHA WORLD-HERALD.

UI wrestling Coach Dan Gable's decision to take a one-year leave of absence was reported in the Chicago Tribune and USA Today, July 15. CNN News broadcast his announcement live July 14.

THE NEW YORKER, July 14 - A major profile feature, "Big Poetry," focused on Writers' Workshop faculty member JORIE GRAHAM, described in the sub-head as "the most celebrated American poet of her generation."

CHICAGO TRIBUNE, July 13 - A review of UI professor BENJAMIN HUNNICUTT'S book about W.K. Kellogg, who in 1930 replaced his factory's three 8-hour shifts with four 6-hour shifts. The book is topical in discussions about the long hours demanded by many jobs today. Hunnicutt is a professor of sport, health, leisure, and physical studies.

UI professor JAMES A. VAN ALLEN is featured in a story on the advantages of using unmanned spacecraft to explore the solar system rather than manned systems, such as the Mir space station. The stories appeared in the July 13 issues of the ALBUQUERQUE (N.M.) JOURNAL, DENVER POST, MONTREAL GAZETTE, MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL and THE ROANOKE (Va.) TIMES.

Washington Post, July 13 · UI space physicist Louis Frank, his Small Comet theory and its place in history are the subjects of an opinion piece by Frank and co-author Patrick Huyghe.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 11 · In a guest opinion on the important and often overlooked connection between discoveries in the sciences and the arts, Robert S. Root-Bernstein of Michigan State University mentions work by Leonard Humphreys and his colleagues at the UI.

THE (Louisville, Ky.) COURIER-JOURNAL July 7 - An article reprinted from the IOWA CITY PRESS-CITIZEN talks about the benefits of stretching to keep muscles and joints flexible. UI Professor JEFF OLIPHANT is quoted: "If you feel pain, it probably means that you aren't doing something right. Warm up before stretching to raise the body temperature and get the blood circulating, like jogging, walking, or riding a bike for about 10 minutes."

CHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING NEWS, July 7 - Dr. JOSEPH G. CANNON, UI professor emeritus of medicinal chemistry, is recipient of the 1997 Smissman-Bristol-Meyers-Squibb Award from the American Chemical Society.

THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, July 6 - In a story about downloadable research papers, TOM ROCKLIN, director of the Center for Teaching, discussed the ambivalence educators have about Internet sites that make papers available (either for free or for a fee) to students. "I know some faculty members think there's a real evil genie out there," Rocklin said. "I don't see a reason to panic, but it's definitely made something that's been out there in the past much easier to do." The story originally appeared in the NEW YORK TIMES June 8, 1997.

SARASOTA (Fla.) HERALD-TRIBUNE, July 5 - The red glaze used on some popular Fiestaware dishes prior to the 1950s does not contain enough radioactive material to constitute a health risk, according to a study conducted at the UI department of preventive medicine. Dr. WILLIAM FIELD, assistant research scientist, says the glaze does not produce harmful levels of radon gas, as previous studies had implied.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 3 · The UI was included in a roundup of faculty salaries at more than 1,800 colleges and universities in the country.

The Chicago Tribune, July 2 · Peter Blanck, UI professor of law, commented on Sears, Roebuck and Co.'s track record in accommodating people with disabilities in a column about an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint filed by a former employee alleging violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY NEWS, July 1 - A study by Dr. BARCEY LEVY, UI assistant professor of family medicine, found that general anesthesia in women with preeclampsia may boost the risk of some complications in their infants.

The Atlantic Monthly, July · The UI is mentioned in an article on how there is no good evidence that computers improve teaching and learning. The article cites (perhaps apocryphally) a former UI engineering dean as having said that "'the best engineers were the farm boys,' because they knew how machinery really worked."

AMERICAN DEMOGRAPHICS, July - PETER BLANCK, professor of law, was a major source for a story on employees with disabilities in the United States. The story cited Blanck's study of employees with mental disabilities and his study of the costs of accommodating people with disabilities at Sears, Roebuck & Co. from 1993 to 1995.

AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION JOURNAL, July 1997 - In a story on critics who complain about the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's guidelines for accommodating people with mental disabilities, PETER BLANCK, professor of law, said much of the criticism is based on misinformation and myths. In his study of the cost of accommodations for disabled workers at Sears, Roebuck & Co., Blanck found the average accommodation cost about $45.

VETERINARY PRODUCT NEWS, July - A news roundup notes that SCIENTISTS AT THE UI and other institutions have identified compounds in Ponderosa pine needles that induce premature births in cattle.

THE APA MONITOR, July - An article on psychological ramifications of hearing loss cites a 1992 UNIVERSITY OF IOWA HOSPITALS AND CLINICS study that found subjects who were hard-of-hearing were more likely to ask familiar people to repeat statements than they were strangers, indicating reticence about their disability.

DENTAL PRODUCTS REPORT, July - Recounting changes in the field of pediatric dentistry, an article quotes Dr. DAVID JOHNSEN, dean of the UI College of Dentistry, who describes how the field has become more specialized over the last several decades.

BALTIMORE ALTERNATIVE, July - A UI study on bisexuals being less accepted than gays or lesbians is noted.

ORTHOPEDICS TODAY, July 1997 - Dr. JOSEPH BUCKWALTER, UI professor of orthopaedic surgery, was named the recipient of the 10th annual Bristol-Myers Aquibb/Zimmer Award for Distinguished Achievement in Orthopaedic Research.

CLINICAL LABORATORY NEWS, July 1997 - Dr. RONALD FELD, UI associate professor of pathology, penned an editorial entitled, "Medical Necessity--Whose Necessity Is It?" in which he responds to suggestions from health care policy officials in Washington that doctors order too many tests.

DERMATOLOGY TIMES, July 1997 - Dr. ROGER CEILLEY, UI assistant clinical professor dermatology and president of the American Academy of Dermatology, spells out the mission, strategies and goals of the academy.

CHEMICAL ENGINEERING PROGRESS, July - JONATHAN DORDICK, UI professor and chair of chemical and biochemical engineering, is noted in a story about his work to develop macroporous hydrogels from sugars.

ORTHOPEDICS TODAY, July - Dr. CHARLES SALTZMAN, UI associate professor of orthopedics and biomedical engineering, is mentioned in an article on ankle implants.

INSIDE ARTS, July - Photograph of Hancher Director WALLY CHAPPELL accepting the Association of Performing Arts Presenters Dawson Award for programming excellence on behalf of Hancher Auditorium accompanied a report by Chappell about his experiences at APAP conferences.

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, July - MALCOLM POPE, director of the UI Spine Research Center, is quoted in a story on the causes and avoidance of backache.

GAS DAILY'S N G MAGAZINE, July - This publication cites the UI for putting together a program with the "ambitious notion of teaching utility executives how to become entrepreneurs--or at least go through the motions." The course, taught by Ed Moldt, who was UI entrepreneur-in-residence last academic year, was offered through the UI COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION'S JOHN PAPPAJOHN ENTREPRENEURIAL CENTER.







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