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January, 1997

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The discovery of the gene that causes a common form of glaucoma by UI researchers Drs. Ed Stone, associate professor of ophthalmology, Val Sheffield, associate professor of pediatrics, and Wallace Alward, professor of ophthalmology, was heralded by the medical community and the media. Coverage from CNN, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Reuters Health Information Services, the Chronicle of Higher Education, San Francisco Chronicle, Rocky Mountain News and myriad other publications abounded after the Jan. 31 discovery announcement.

The UI's receipt of $399,172 under the National Security Education program was included in a Jan. 31 roundup in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The Jan. 29 Wall Street Journal included a letter-to-the-editor by Linda Kerber, May Brodbeck professor in liberal arts and history, in response to an editorial on military displays at the National Museum of American History. Writes Kerber, "To eliminate the historical context in which those flags and weapons and uniforms are displayed is to privilege nostalgia over understanding." "Why deprive viewers of a richer understanding of the heroism, pain and sacrifice with which these artifacts are associated?"

New York Times, Jan. 27 An article on the New York exhibition of works by outside artist Henry Darger acknowledges that the exhibition was organized by the UI Museum Of Art

"Forbidden Signs," by Douglas C. Baynton, visiting UI assistant professor of history and an American sign language teacher, was reviewed in the Jan. 26 issue of the New York Times Book Review.

Gary Fethke, dean of the UI's College of Business Administration, is quoted in a Jan. 26 Omaha World-Herald story that emphasizes the collaboration between businesses and higher education. Fethke emphasized his college's collaborative MBA program in Newton and said the key to higher education's role in training today is to provide programs that are accessible to employees.

The Jan. 26 Chicago Tribune ran a story about the possible re-establishment of central Iowa rail service by Amtrak, noting that the UI would be connected by bus service.

Articles about HIV treatment advances in the Jan. 24 Ottawa (Ontario) Citizen and Atlanta Journal mention a study by Dr. Michael Kozal, UI assistant professor of internal medicine, which found that some patients have become infected with strains of the virus that are already resistant to certain drugs.

"Henry Darger, The Unreality of Being," an exhibition that opened at the UI Museum of Art and was curated by museum Director Stephen Prokopoff, has been covered nationally and internationally since it opened at the Museum of American Folk Art in New York. The New York Times on Jan. 24 had an extensive review mentioning the UI Museum of Art, as did the Feb. 3 issue of New York magazine; Time magazine; and the CBC (Canadian Broadcast Co.).

The Jan. 24 Chicago Tribune in its briefs column carried a mention of Iowa football tight end Zeron Flemister being suspended indefinitely following his second drunk-driving arrest in seven months. The column also noted that UI wrestling Coach Dan Gable's hip replacement surgery went well.

The Jan. 23 issue of Medical Tribune contains an article about the effectiveness of cardiac rehabilitation programs, in which Dr. Virend Somers, UI associate professor of internal medicine, questions the reliability of foreign studies of program effectiveness.

The Jan. 22 Richmond (Va.) Times-Dispatch and the Kansas City Star and the Jan. 24 Minneapolis Star Tribune noted in a briefs column that UI wrestling Coach Dan Gable was scheduled for hip replacement surgery.

The Iowa Testing Program in the UI College of Education is mentioned as the source of 99 percent of the standardized tests taken by Iowa K-12 school children in a state-by-state report, "Quality Counts," published Jan. 22 by Education Week.

In an article in the Jan. 21 New York Times, Dr. Antonio Damasio, UI Maurice Van Allen Professor and head of neurology, confirms the significance of the discovery that the brain contains a special structure for detecting fear and anger.

The Jan. 20 Hartford Courant featured Frank DiLeo, UI assistant men's basketball coach, in a story about how men, regardless of qualifications, are rejected for women's basketball head coaching positions.

A UI College of Dentistry study found that more than half of juice boxes, frozen juice concentrates and juice-flavored drinks contain too much fluoride, which can be harmful to kids' developing teeth, reports the Jan. 20 Boston Globe and the Feb. 4 Baltimore Sun.

Paul M. Neuhauser, UI professor of law, was quoted in a Jan. 20 story in Pensions and Investments, as the legal representative of a group of investors appealing an SEC rule that allows companies to keep work-related shareholder requests off proxy ballots.

The UI is mentioned as an example of a university that has drafted a policy on the use of electronic mail and computer resources by employees in a story on a Northwestern University professor who has caused a controversy for putting up a web page that denies the Holocaust took place. The story, which originally appeared in the Chicago Tribune, appeared in the Jan. 20 issue of the Newark (N.J.) Star-Ledger.

"Hints of His Mortality," by David Borofka, and a Short Fiction Winner from the UI Press, was reviewed in the Jan. 19 New York Times Book Review. The book also was included in the Jan. 26 and the Feb. 9 issues of the New York Times Book Review, under the editor's choice column, "And Bear in Mind."

In an article about medical information on the World Wide Web, the Jan. 17 issue of Illinois Medicine cites the Hardin Library's List of Lists for Medical Sites as a useful source. The Chronicle of Higher Education also mentioned the site in its Feb. 14 issue.

The Jan. 16 Palm Beach Post mentioned UI football coach Hayden Fry's redesign of Iowa's mascot and football uniforms in a sports column on the importance of logos.

A study by Dr. Mary Kuffel, UI obstetrics and gynecology resident physician, found that most residency program directors do not support a recent mandate requiring more primary care training in obstetrics and gynecology residency programs. Obstetrics and Gynecology News covered the study in its Jan. 15 issue.

The link between red meat and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, suggested by a study by Dr. James Cerhan, UI assistant professor of preventive medicine and environmental health, is still making news in publications such as the Jan. 14 Woman's World and the March issue of Heart and Soul magazine.

Rahima Wade, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction, was quoted in a Jan. 12 story in the Houston Chronicle regarding the Methodist Health Care Houston Marathon. The story reports that Wade, who flew to Houston to run her first marathon, did not have her spirits dampened by the freezing rain during the race. "I'll be stiff. I'll be sore, but I'll definitely do it again," she said.

"Palmtop" computers are being used to improve medical school training around the country, including at the UI College of Medicine, where they're used in family practice clerkships, according to an article in the Jan. 10 Chronicle of Higher Education about the growing use of the devices.

The UI was included in a brief item in the Jan. 10 Chronicle of Higher Education as one of the Big 10 institutions urging President Clinton to spare federal funds for academic research from budget cuts.

A letter by Tom Rocklin, director of the Center for Teaching and professor of educational psychology, was published in the Jan. 10 Chronicle of Higher Education.

The Jan. 9 Medical Tribune includes an article about how estrogen replacement therapy may help improve balance in older women. In the article, Dr. Susan Johnson, UI professor of obstetrics and gynecology, remarks that such therapy may be less effective for women who do not have menopausal symptoms.

A story on the book, "Calling the Midwest Home: A Lively Look at the Origins, Attitudes, Quirks and Curiosities of America's Heartland," by Carolyn Lieberg mentions that Lieberg is associate director of the UI Center for Teaching. The story, which originally appeared in the Des Moines Register, appeared in the Jan. 9 San Jose (Calif.) Mercury News.

An editorial by UI Center for Agricultural Safety and Health researchers Kendall Thu and Kelley Donham outlining the impact large-scale swine production facilities have on the pork industry ran in the Jan. 8 Omaha World-Herald.

A study by Dr. David Schwartz, UI professor of internal medicine, found that Persian Gulf War veterans are more likely to experience certain illnesses, suggesting environmental exposures during the conflict may indeed have had deleterious health effects. Stories on the study ran in the national media, including the Chicago Tribune, Omaha World-Herald and CNN, after the Jan. 8 press conference announcing the findings.

John Westefeld, director of the UI College of Education's counseling psychology doctoral program, talked about "weather phobia" in a Jan. 5 story on the anniversary of the blizzard of 1996 in the Asbury Park (N.J.) Press.

The Jan. 5 Albuquerque (N.M.) Journal reviewed "Western Electric," a collection of short stories by Don Zancanella and winner of the John Simmons Short Fiction Award from the UI Press.

Research by Dr. Nancy Andreasen, UI Andrew H. Woods Professor of Psychiatry, suggests that there is a link between creative genius and mental illness, reports an article on artists and madness in the Jan. 5 Raleigh (N.C.) News and Observer.

A profile of Dartmouth College President James O. Freedman in the Jan. 4 New York Times mentions that he is a former president of the UI.

Gerald Carroll, program assistant in the UI School of Journalism and Mass Communication, was featured in a Jan. 2 Associated Press wire story about popular television channels getting dropped from large cable company offerings. The story notes that Carroll's local cable company dropped Comedy Central and VH1 from its system, and that Carroll "figures that sending in a penny to pay his cable bill this month delivers the proper message: He's plenty peeved about losing his comedy fix." The story also ran in the Rocky Mountain News in Denver. Carroll's views on this topic also were featured in the Jan. 2 USA Today "Inside TV" column.

The Jan. 1 Charlotte (N.C.) Observer in a story on college yearbooks mentioned the defunct UI yearbook as one of many that have been abandoned over the years.

Though it's a more expensive procedure than other infertility treatments, assisted reproductive therapy may be more cost-effective in the long run, according to a study by Dr. Brad Van Voorhis, UI associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology. A story on his findings ran in the Jan. 1 Obstetrics and Gynecology News and the Jan. 5 Orlando Sentinel.

An article in the January issue of General Surgery and Laparoscopy News on the annual fall conference of the Association of Women Surgeons included comments by Dr. Carol E. H. Scott-Conner, UI professor and head of surgery, about gender issues in the field.

In a January issue of Money magazine, a story on the outlook for initial public offerings in 1997 mentioned the work of UI finance Assistant Professor Tim Loughran and University of Florida finance Professor Jay Ritter. The widely cited study found that IPOs bought at the end of the first day of trading underperformed the share of comparable companies for five years after the offering by an average of 7 percent annually. The work of Loughran and Ritter was also mentioned in the Jan. 21 Orange County edition of the Los Angeles Times. The story looked at secondary stock offerings and how stock prices may suffer for years afterwards.

The January 1997 issue of Inside the Internet listed a UI web site ( in an article about tax resources on the internet.

In January, UI art Professor Joni Kinsey was interviewed for a CBS Sunday Morning feature on her exhibition "Plain Pictures: Images of the American Prairie," which opened at the UI Museum of Art last fall. The interview was taped at the exhibition's second stop, the Amon Carter Museum in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Smoking reduces the effectiveness of infertility treatments, according to a study by Dr. Brad Van Voorhis, UI associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology, that was covered in the January OBG Management magazine.

Evolutionist Charles Darwin suffered from panic disorder, according to a diagnosis by UI Drs. Thomas Barloon, associate professor of radiology, and Russell Noyes, professor of psychiatry, based on Darwin's writings and other evidence. The study, which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, was covered in newspapers such as the San Francisco Examiner, Rocky Mountain News, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Washington Post, Newsday and the Omaha World-Herald in early January.

New acne drugs are increasingly effective but must be prescribed according to each patient's condition, according to Dr. John Strauss, UI professor and head of dermatology, whose presentation on the topic at the Pacific Dermatologic Association was covered in the January issue of Pediatric News.







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