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December 1997

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THE LOS ANGELES TIMES, Dec. 31, 1997 - STEPHEN B. DUNBAR, professor in the Division of Psychological and Quantitative Foundations and a researcher in the Iowa Testing Programs, was quoted in a story on the difficulties involved in scoring essay tests and portfolio-based measures versus multiple-choice tests. Grading essay tests is "imperfect," and an "art," Dunbar said. The story also noted that the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA developed the first "basic skills" test in 1929.

USA TODAY, Dec. 31, 1997 - A brief article noted that UI head football coach HAYDEN FRY will stay with the team at least through the next year. The item went on to note Fry's winning record at Iowa and the fact he has coached more games in the NCAA's Division 1-A than any other active coach. Only three other coaches in history have coached more than Fry's 409 games.

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS, Dec. 30, 1997 - Dr. JOSEPH PIVEN, UI associate professor of psychiatry, was cited in story how new evidence is revealing the biological basis of autism.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE, Dec. 30, 1997 - UI Wrestler JEFF MCGINNESS was quoted in a feature story as saying that cutting weight isn't a problem any longer and he has more energy now that he wrestles as a 142-pounder, instead of the 126-pound category he competed in during 1995.

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, Dec. 29, 1997 - An article on changes caused by the financial crisis in South Korea cited UI Engineering Professor KWAN RIM as a possible role model for streamlining Korean businesses. Rim, as leader of the 800-person Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology since 1995, got rid of middle managers, gave good performers 50 percent raises, and gave no raises at all to substandard employees.

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Dec. 28, 1997 - An article about the re-emergence of college courses on sexuality noted that the UI will offer a certificate program in sexuality starting in September.

NEWSDAY, Dec. 28, 1997 - Dr. ARNOLD ANDERSON, UI professor of psychiatry, was prominently featured in an article on athletes and eating disorders, and an obsession with weight loss.

NEWSDAY, Dec. 28 - DAN GABLE, UI wrestling coach, was mentioned as preparing a report for the NCAA in an article on the three collegiate wrestlers who died within a six-week span last fall while trying to lose weight.

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Dec. 27, 1997 - A story on the development of sexuality studies on college campuses mentioned the UI CERTIFICATE PROGRAM IN SEXUALITY that will begin in September. The story was also carried by the SACRAMENTO (Calif.) BEE, ST. PAUL (Minn.) PIONEER PRESS, THE (Raleigh, N.C.) NEWS & OBSERVER, (Woodland Hills, Calif.) DAILY NEWS, and the ST. PETERSBURG (Fla.) TIMES, the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE, and, in a letter to the editor suggesting such programs are attempts at headline-grabbing, the SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER.

USA TODAY, Dec. 26, 1997 - University of Iowa Engineering Professor ED HAUG was quoted extensively in a feature story about the UI's NATIONAL ADVANCED DRIVING SIMULATOR (NADS). Haug and a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) official were quoted as being confident that once NADS is completed in 1999, it will contribute to highway safety because many researchers will use it to learn about human behaviors that contribute to highway accidents.

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, Dec. 25, 1997 - An article about how the workaholic mentality affects the holiday season quoted BENJAMIN HUNNICUTT, UI professor of sport, health, leisure, and physical studies, explaining that people don't know how to relax and enjoy celebrating the holidays -- they only know working and shopping. "The holidays have fallen victim to the malaise of our society, which is overwork. Work has become our religion," he said. This article was originally published in the LOS ANGELES TIMES.

WASHINGTON POST, Dec. 24, 1997 - CRAIG ZWERLING, UI professor of preventive medicine and environmental health, and his research showing that workers with disabilities suffer more on-the-job injuries than workers with no disability, was the subject of an article. The story also appeared in THE FRESNO (Calif.) BEE, the DETROIT FREE PRESS, BIRMINGHAM (Ala.) POST-HERALD, SARASOTA (Fla.) HERALD-TRIBUNE; the MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE, THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS; THE PORTLAND OREGONIAN; the FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM. Versions also appeared in THE PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE, THE (Denver, Colo.) ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS, ORLANDO (Fla.) SENTINEL, THE ORANGE COUNTY (Santa Ana, Calif.) REGISTER, THE HARTFORD (Conn.) COURANT, ASBURY PARK (N.J.) PRESS, the RICHMOND (Va.) TIMES-DISPATCH, TULSA (Okla.) WORLD, OMAHA (Neb.) WORLD-HERALD, THE (Charleston S.C.) POST AND COURIER, THE (Riverside, Calif.) PRESS-ENTERPRISE.

NEW YORK TIMES - Dec. 23, 1997: Michiko Kakutani's review of the book "Planet of the Blind" by Stephen Kuusisto referred, in the first paragraph, to his time as a student at the UI WRITERS' WORKSHOP. She concluded: "He has written a book that makes the reader understand the terrifying experience of blindness and that stands on its own as the lyrical memoir of a poet."

THE LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL, Dec. 21, 1997 - LOUIS FRANK, UI professor of physics and astronomy, defended his Small Comet theory in articles about a debate that developed between Frank and five groups of skeptics at the American Geophysical Union's December meeting in San Francisco. Frank presented a new study of Polar spacecraft photographs supporting the existence of the 20-to-40-ton snowballs that enter the atmosphere at the rate of about 20 per minute. Critics called the images a result of instrument interference. The story originally appeared in the DALLAS MORNING NEWS.

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, Dec. 19, 1997 - "Our Moonlight Revels: 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' in the Theatre," by Gary Jay Williams and published by the UI PRESS, was included in the roundup for "New Scholarly Books."

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, Dec. 19, 1997 - THE UNIVERSITY OF IOWA was listed as the recipient of a gift/bequest of $100,000 from Carl Schweser for a program to train Chartered Financial Analysts.

USA TODAY, Dec. 16, 1997 - "Street Talk" columnist David Henry noted: "University of Iowa professor TIMOTHY LOUGHRAN and two colleagues say they've examined monthly returns by issue size from 1980 through 1996 and that there's no point in trying to trade the so-called January effect. Yes, the small caps have had a higher return that the big caps, 8.4 percent vs. 2.3 percent. But the cost of getting in and out of the thinly-traded stocks will eat up all the profits and then some."

THE SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, Dec. 16, 1997 - THOMAS ROCKLIN, director of the UI Center for Teaching, was quoted in a story on Internet-based term paper mills used by students to cheat on their writing assignments.

THE BOSTON GLOBE, Dec. 14, 1997 - "Weathering Winter: A Gardener's Daybook," by UI English Professor Emeritus CARL KLAUS and published by the UI PRESS, was reviewed as offering "the comfort of having an observant and philosophical companion through gardeners' least favorite season."

OMAHA WORLD-HERALD, Dec. 14, 1997 - "Weathering Winter: A Gardener's Daybook," by retired UI English Professor CARL KLAUS and published by the UI PRESS, was the subject of the paper's "Midlands Gardening" column. The story also appeared in the DAYTON DAILY NEWS.

OMAHA WORLD-HERALD, Dec. 14, 1997 - The paper carried a brief Associated Press story describing UI officials' clarification of a policy on holiday displays in public areas.

THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW, Dec. 14, 1997 - "Thank You for Being Concerned and Sensitive," by Jim Henry and published by the UI PRESS, was reviewed as often "reveal[ing] surprising truths about people despairingly clinging to one another and their illusions."

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, Dec. 13, 1997 - A photo of the UI COLLEGIUM MUSICUM, taken by IOWA CITY PRESS-CITIZEN photographer Kevin Eans, was picked up from the ASSOCIATED PRESS wire. The caption identifies the holiday concert on the steps of the OLD CAPITOL.

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, Dec. 12, 1997 - A list of Fulbright Fellowship recipients included three UI faculty members: CATHERINE COLE, associate professor of marketing, who will conduct research in Portugal; JOHN HARVEY, professor of psychology, who will conduct research in Romania; and PHILIP OSTIEN, associate project administrator in International Programs, who will conduct research in Nigeria.

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, Dec. 12, 1997 - GARY ALTHEN, director of the Office of International Students and Scholars, wrote a letter to the editor criticizing a report issued by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, "Open Admissions: U.S. Policy Toward Students From Terrorism-Supporting Countries in the Middle East."

CHICAGO TRIBUNE, Dec. 12 - An article about photographer David Plowden, whose photos document "a vanishing America" notes that the years he spent teaching at the UI led him to many of the small towns where he found subjects for his photos of the "changing landscape" of America.

THE (Minneapolis) STAR TRIBUNE, Dec. 11, 1997 - "Weathering Winter: A Gardener's Daybook," by UI English Professor Emeritus CARL KLAUS and published by the UI PRESS, was described in a capsule review as "a reminder of the importance and poetry of ordinary things."

USA TODAY, Dec. 11, 1997 - In a series of reaction quotes to the announcement of University of Nebraska football coach Tom Osborne's retirement, Florida State University coach Bobby Bowden said Osborne is a football "icon" and listed UI head football coach HAYDEN FRY as one of the few other "icons" in college football.

REUTERS NEW SERVICE, Dec. 9 and ASSOCIATED PRESS, Dec. 10 - UI Space Physicist LOUIS FRANK defended his Small Comet theory in two articles about a debate that developed between five groups of skeptics and Frank at the recent American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco.

NEW YORK TIMES, Dec. 8 - In a letter to the editor of the Times, UI Geography Professor GEORGE MALANSON points out the important role of cloud cover in the global warming debate.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE, Dec. 8, 1997 - TOM ROCKLIN, director of the UI Center for Teaching, was quoted in a story on students' use of the Internet to plagiarize writing assignments. Rocklin was quoted as saying the traditional skills of a liberal arts education -- discussion, reading and extended writing -- continue to be crucial in the age of the Internet.

THE BOSTON GLOBE, Dec. 7, 1997 - An article about Americans increasingly seeking more leisure time mentioned a study that suggests Americans actually have more free time than ever before and that people only think they're working so much that there's no time for leisure. The article said that UI Professor of Sport, Health, Leisure, and Physical Studies Professor BENJAMIN HUNNICUTT disputed that finding and said work is still the central component of our lives. "At least four times before in this century Americans have questioned the central reality of work and struggled with this strange and frightening concept of leisure time; in fact, it's not a place we're really comfortable with," he said. "If we do start dismantling the theology of work, that represents a change of humongous proportions." THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH ran a condensed version of the article (Dec. 21).

MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE, Dec. 5, 1997 - An article in the "Faces and Places" column noted that the head of the UI's HERKY HAWK mascot costume was badly cracked and chipped at the Nov. 22 football game against Minnesota, allegedly when Minnesota band members attempted to pick up the mascot and ram his head into the goalpost and again when they tackled him from behind and wrestled him to the ground.

ILLINOIS BANKNEWS, Dec. 5, 1997 - A UI study was mentioned in an article on farmer bankruptcy.

THE ENGLISH-LANGUAGE ATHENS (Greece) NEWS, Dec. 4 - An article headlined "Greek author in Iowa," featured INTERNATIONAL WRITING PROGRAM participant Christos Homenides.

HTTP://WWW.RSCS.NET, captured from World Wide Web Dec. 4 - Writer Melissa Scott explained that her Lambda Literary Award finalist book, "Burning Bright," was partially inspired by a visit to the IOWA PLAYWRIGHTS FESTIVAL.

THE ELECTRONIC POETRY REVIEW, captured on the World Wide Web. Dec. 4 - Contributions by IOWA WRITERS WORKSHOP FACULTY MEMBERS MARVIN BELL, JAMES GALVIN and JORIE GRAHAM note their UI connections. The UI is also credited in biographies of John Beer, a recent workshop graduate; current student Ingrid DeClerco; UI doctoral student Jocelyn Emerson; former faculty members Jane Miller and Bob Perlman; and Bin Ramke, who has been published by the UI PRESS.

THE PLAYBOY NEWS, captured from the World Wide Web Dec. 4 - News story, "Iowa Student Wins Playboy College Fiction Contest" announced victory of UI WRITERS' WORKSHOP GRAD STUDENT JONATHAN BLUM in the national competition. The third prize winner was also a UI STUDENT, KEVIN BROCKMEIER. Blum's story was published in the September issue of Playboy.

THE NEW REPUBLIC, Dec. 1, 1997 -- UI Professor of History MALCOLM ROHRBOUGH's book, Days of Gold: The California Gold Rush and the American Nation, is reviewed along with two other books on the theme of "The California Dream." The reviewer says that the most interesting idea in Rohrbough's book is his focus on the relationships between American miners and the families and communities that sent them out and expected them to return with new wealth.

READERS' DIGEST, December 1997 -- An article entitled "How to Master Your Moods" cited a study by UI Psychology Professor DAVID WATSON in which he found that moods are connected to body temperature. He said people feel happiest when body temperature is elevated, which corresponds to peak energy times.

FORBES - December 1997: UI WRITERS' WORKSHOP faculty member MARVIN BELL wrote about the computerization of poetry writing.

MUSEUM STORES ASSOCIATION NEWSLETTER, Winter 1998 - HANCHER SHOWCASE gift shop, and managers MARLENE STANFORD and REINY JORDAN, were the subjects of a full-page write-up with photos.

AKRON BEACON JOURNAL - A feature about Cleveland Orchestra violist and triathlete Mark Jackobs noted that he began playing the viola as a student at the UI.





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