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August, 1997

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THE (Raleigh, N.C.) NEWS AND OBSERVER, Aug. 31 - "Small-Town Heroes," by Hank Davis, published by the UI PRESS, was reviewed as a "remarkable chronicle of life in the minor leagues." The review originally appeared in THE NEW YORK TIMES.

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Aug. 31 -- A story about how good economic times are not always good for political incumbents quotes MICHAEL LEWIS-BECK, UI political science professor. "I don't think people are going to swallow the 'Happy Days Are Here Again' argument forever. They have to send kids to college and to pay for mortgages," he says.

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, ALMANAC EDITION, Aug. 29 - The UNIVERSITY OF IOWA was included in several listings of universities in the United States. The lists included: "Colleges and University Endowments Over $65 Million, 1996" (UI Foundation, 103rd with $246.5 million); "Holdings of University Research Libraries in the United States and Canada, 1995-96" (31st with 3.75 million volumes in the library; 105,601 volumes added; 38,370 current serials; 227 permanent staff; and $17.4 million in total expenditures); "Top Institutions in Total Research-and-Development Spending, Fiscal 1995" (the UI ranked 39th with $164.9 million); "Campuses With the Largest Enrollments, Fall 1995" (UI ranked 39th with 28,052 students); and "Universities Awarding the Most Earned Doctorates, 1995" (UI ranked 34th with 339). The University of Iowa was also mentioned in a capsule summary of Iowa. The item included UI's efforts to ban alcohol within the fraternity system by the year 2000; debate over whether students should have off-campus access to the Internet; the debate over the amount of time faculty spend teaching undergraduates; the UI's sesquicentennial celebration; and the move of Calvin Hall from the Pentacrest to its current site in 1905.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES, Aug. 28 - A story headlined "Booze still life of party on campus" alludes to the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA student from Illinois who died in 1995 and the subsequent campus ban on alcohol. "The parties on campus were never the same, because nobody attended. They just went to the bars instead," said Glenn Podzimek of Elmhurst (Ill.), a 1996 University of Iowa graduate. "Fraternities and college kids will try to get around bans any way they can."

WINDY CITY TIMES, Aug. 28 - PAT CAIN, professor of law, was cited in a story on tax liability for same-sex couples who receive insurance or other benefits from one of the partners' employers. The story was a follow-up to a Chicago law that allows city employees in same-sex partnerships to enroll their partners in health insurance programs.

THE TORONTO SUN, Aug. 27 - A story about the "bizarre" courses offered at colleges ranked in U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT'S BEST COLLEGES GUIDE mentioned "Elvis As Anthology," in the AFRICAN AMERICAN WORLD STUDIES PROGRAM at the UI.

USA TODAY, Aug. 26 - Hawkeye MATT SHERMAN is featured in an article on the success of Iowa in coaching quarterbacks.

USA TODAY, Aug. 25 - The UI is mentioned as a runner-up school in TIME Magazine's College of the Year listing.

BUSINESS FIRST: NEWSPAPER OF LOUISVILLE (Ky.), Aug. 25 - UI Finance Professor TIMOTHY J. LOUGHRAN was mentioned in a column comparing the benefits of value versus growth investing. Loughran points out that although value investing may edge out growth investing as shown in the "Fama-French" 1992 study, value stocks outperformed growth stocks in just 15 of the 28 years covered by that study.

FEDERAL COMPUTER WEEK, Aug. 25 - The UI COLLEGE OF MEDICINE and the U.S. Navy are developing a CD-ROM to give naval doctors quick and easy access to treat sailors at sea. The CD-ROM is similar to what is available on the Virtual Naval Hospital, which the UI also developed.

THE (Newark, N.J.) STAR-LEDGER, Aug. 25 - In a story on new antibiotic drugs developed to fight "super" bacteria, Dr. RONALD JONES, UI pathologist, says the new antibiotics have a mode of action bacteria have not seen before. Jones is principal investigator for Sentry Antimicrobial Surveillance, a private international center that tracks emerging pathogens.

OMAHA WORLD-HERALD, Aug. 22 - The UI is mentioned as being ranked No. 15 among top public national universities in the U.S. News & World Report's annual ranking of colleges.

OMAHA WORLD-HERALD, Aug. 22 - The UI is mentioned as having 300 students living in temporary lounge space, due to dormitory overcrowding.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE, August 21 - Hawkeye TIM DWIGHT is featured as the focus of Heisman Trophy campaign at the UI.

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS, Aug. 21 - A short item on 137 UI engineering graduates receiving diplomas in which the word "University" was misspelled was carried nationwide. Items appeared in the CHARLOTTE (N.C.) OBSERVER, the FRESNO (Calif.) BEE, the (Woodland Hills, Calif.) DAILY NEWS, the (Charleston, S.C.) POST AND COURIER, the OMAHA WORLD-HERALD, the GRAND RAPIDS (Mich.) PRESS, the ORANGE COUNTY (Santa Ana, Calif.) REGISTER, the (Columbia, S.C.) STATE, the DENVER POST, the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER, the KANSAS CITY STAR, the ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, the LEXINGTON (Ky.) HERALD-LEADER, the SAN JOSE (Calif.) MERCURY NEWS, the COLUMBUS (Ohio) DISPATCH, the ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL, the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE, the BALTIMORE SUN, the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL, the RICHMOND (Va.) TIMES-DISPATCH, the MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL.

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS, Aug. 20 - In an article about "the country's smartest towns," Iowa City is cited as the smartest of the smart. "Heading the list was Iowa City, Iowa, home of the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA, with 20 percent of the population holding at least a four-year college degree."

CHICAGO-SUN TIMES, Aug. 17 - Dr. ANTONIO DAMASIO, UI professor and head of neurology mentioned in a story on a professor of mathematics in Northern California who searches for a new math that can capture the vagaries of human thought and conversation.

THE (Allentown, Pa.) MORNING CALL, Aug. 17 - In a story on how logicians look for ways to mimic the human mind, Dr. ANTONIO DAMASIO, UI professor and head of neurology, is cited as discovering that a lack of emotion leads to irrational behavior. Emotion is key to human reason. When the emotional parts of a brain are damaged, people can't think straight.

THE OMAHA WORLD-HERALD, Aug. 17 - In "Book Notes," the newspaper reported that the UI PRESS will publish "Iowa Stereographs: Three-Dimensional Visions of the Past," by Mary Bennett and Paul C. Juhl.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE, Aug. 17 -- A story about this summer's American Psychological Association's convention quotes CAROLYN HECKMAN, a second-year doctoral student at the UI, on why she was attracted to psychology. She said the field's many avenues -- from teaching to research to clinical work -- drew her to it. "I think people go into it because they're interested in finding out about themselves and their families," she is quoted as saying.

SCIENCE NEWS, Aug. 16 - UI Space Physicist LOUIS FRANK, his small comet theory and measurements of Comet Hale-Bopp made using the Mauna Kea radio telescope are discussed.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE, Aug. 15 - News story announced WRITERS' WORKSHOP ALUM Peter Rudy as winner of the Nelson Algren Award. The article described the workshop as "fertile soil for many past Algren winners."

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, Aug. 15 - "Breaking the Boundaries: New Perspectives ion Women's Regional Writing," edited by Sherrie A. Inness and Diana Royer, and published by the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA PRESS, was mentioned in the "Hot Type" column on Inness's prolific work.

KIRKUS REVIEWS, Aug. 15 - "Weathering Winter: A Gardener's Daybook," by Carl Klaus, published by the UI PRESS, was reviewed as "dull heartland postcards about the fallow months."

KIRKUS REVIEWS, Aug. 15 - "Within the Lighted City," a collection of short stories by Lisa Lenzo, and the winner of the John Simmons Short Fiction Award, published by the UI PRESS, was reviewed as "polished and insightful."

KIRKUS REVIEWS, Aug. 15 - "Thank You for Being Concerned and Sensitive," a collection of short stories by Jim Henry, winner of the Iowa Short Fiction Award, published by the UI PRESS, was reviewed as having "a kind of skewed, grim, and even misanthropic comedy lurking here that may be what gives most promise to this debut."

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, Aug. 14 - A brief item on recent changes in management and board positions mentioned MARY SUE COLEMAN has been named to the board of Meredith Corp., Des Moines.

ATLANTA JOURNAL, Aug. 13 - The UI DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY, PLASTIC SURGERY DIVISION's Web address is listed as a resource for men who want to find out more about liposuction and other plastic surgery techniques. Cosmetic surgeons are seeing an increase in male patients.

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Aug. 12 - UI Space Physicist LOUIS FRANK, his Small Comet theory and new data provided by a German satellite flown aboard the space shuttle Discovery and a ground-based telescope are discussed. Articles also appeared in the TORONTO SUN (Aug. 24), EARTH (October 1997), the EDMONTON JOURNAL (Aug. 12), SCIENCE NEWS (Aug. 16), the (Nashville) TENNESSEAN (Aug.12), SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS-NEWS ( Aug. 12), OMAHA WORLD-HERALD (Aug. 12).

AHA NEWS, Aug. 11 - In a story on how hospitals protect employees' medical records from office "snoops," one of the most technologically sophisticated systems is the UIHC's INFORMM system. LINDA CORRY, UIHC director of patient and visitor programs, says the system raises staff confidence and deters people from idle checking of patient information.

OMAHA WORLD-HERALD, Aug. 11 - Article on the move of Dr. HENRY PAULSON, UI professor of neurology from the University of Pennsylvania to the University of Iowa. The article includes a description of his research.

MODERN HEALTHCARE, Aug. 11 - The UNIVERSITY OF IOWA HOSPITALS AND CLINICS is included in a news item on Karen Burton's plans to use the Internet to disseminate information on hospital infection rates.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE, Aug. 10 - "Snake's Daughter: The Roads In and Out of War," by Gail Hosking Gilberg, and published by the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA PRESS, was described as a "stunning and moving account of a daughter's love," in a brief review.

THE (Cleveland) PLAIN DEALER, Aug. 10 - Jim Henry, author of "Thank You for Being Concerned and Sensitive," a collection of short stories that won the Iowa Short Fiction Award and published by the UI PRESS, was the subject of a feature story.

THE HARTFORD COURANT, Aug. 8 - Dr. HENRY PAULSON, UI professor of neurology, commented on a paper about the gene that causes Huntington's disease.

THE (Memphis) COMMERCIAL APPEAL, Aug. 8 - A UI fund-raiser in which 80 percent of the audience walked out while a Saturday Night Live performer delivered a routine laced with profanity is mentioned in a story on vulgarity in society.

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, Aug. 8 - A $1 million gift from Myron and Jacqueline Blank and a $3 million gift from the estate of Helen C. Levitt to the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA were included in a roundup of "Private Giving to Colleges and Universities."

THE WASHINGTON TIMES, Aug. 8 - In a story about whether to invest in value or growth stocks, UI Assistant Professor of Finance TIMOTHY LOUGHRAN was cited as one of a half dozen finance professors across the country who have done research on the value-vs.-growth argument.

USA TODAY, Aug. 7 - A story on Kathryn Rhett's new collection on "crisis memoirs" mentions that she began teaching a course on such memoirs at the IOWA SUMMER WRITING FESTIVAL.

EDUCATION WEEK, Aug. 6 - THE IOWA TESTS OF BASIC SKILLS were part of a story on the results of the Chicago public school system's new emphasis on holding eighth-graders back if their scores and grades are too low to advance them to high school.

NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO, Aug. 6 - Writers' Workshop poet JORIE GRAHAM, 1996 winner of the Pulitzer Prize, was interviewed.

ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL, Aug. 4 - Dr. STEVE LEVY, UI professor of preventive and community medicine, commented on the effect of drinking only bottled water on children and tooth decay.

THE (New Orleans) TIMES-PICAYUNE, Aug. 3 - Dr. THOMAS BARLOON, UI associate professor of radiology, was quoted in a story on testicular injuries, and how men suffering an injury in the area of the testicles should seek immediate treatment.

EDITOR & PUBLISHER, Aug. 2 -- Feature story about Journalism Professor STEVE BLOOM's medical reporting class, in which journalism students accompany medical students and doctors on rounds. He teaches the course every other year in the Spring semester. The next course will be offered in Spring 1999.

MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL, Aug. 2 - A story on Milwaukee-based Manpower, Inc. as the focus of a study on the ability of staffing firms to provide opportunities for people with disabilities notes that PETER BLANCK, professor of law, will conduct the research for Iowa Creative Employment Options (Iowa CEO), a state program affiliated with University Hospital School.

FAMILY PRACTICE NEWS, Aug. 1 - A pulse oximeter is a device doctors use to get a refined definition of a patient's cardiorespiratory condition. However, some doctors feel they are not necessary in a family practice office setting. Dr. MILES WEINBERGER, director of the UI pediatric allergy and pulmonary division, says the device can help detect the "silent" hypoxic patient.

THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, Aug. 1 - "Virginia Woolf's Renaissance: Woman Reader or Common Reader," by Juliet Dunisberre, and published by the UNIVERSITY OF IOWA PRESS, was included in the roundup of "New Scholarly Books."

HOME OFFICE COMPUTING, Aug. 1997 - The UI VIRTUAL HOSPITAL is cited as an excellent source for medical and health information in a story on where to go online for health information.

HEALTHCARE PURCHASING NEWS, August - VICTORIA STEELMAN, an advanced practice nurse at the UI Hospitals and Clinics, is featured in a story on implementing disease management protocols for Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in health care facilities.

CAROLINA PARENT, Aug. - In a story on miscarriage and depression, UI RESEARCHERS are cited as doing a study that found a 50 percent reduction in the pregnancy rate among women who smoked during their fertility treatments compared to women who never smoked.

MOBILITY (Wash., D.C.), August - UI is listed as the source of degrees making Iowa City the city with the largest percentage (20 percent) of college graduates.

INFORMATION TODAY, August - A section about new job appointments notes that CAROL HUGHES is the new head of Information, Research, and Instructional Management at the UI.

WOMEN'S SPORTS & FITNESS, August - An article about exercise and heat exhaustion quotes UI Exercise Science Professor CARL GISOLFI as saying every athlete is a potential candidate for heat-related injuries. He also talks about how athletes should prepare for hot climates.

GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, August - Dr. SUSAN R. JOHNSON, professor of obstetrics and gynecology and associate dean for faculty affairs at the UI College of Medicine, is named one of the nation's best doctors for women based on a survey of peers at medical institutions across the country.

PARENTING'S BABY TALK, August - Dr. RICHARD SMITH, UI pediatric otolaryngoloist, was quoted on ear infections in a story about babies' ears.

HEALTH CARE BUSINESS DIGEST, August - Dr. ROBERT WEIR, director of the UI Program in Biomedical Ethics and Medical Humanities, said that the physician-assisted suicide debate will continue, although he doesn't foresee it having a big impact on the health care system. HMOs and other managed care providers will probably begin offering more palliative and hospice care programs, he noted. If the move is toward physician-assisted suicide, he added that more specialists or special training must be provided so doctors can be sure a patient is not requesting death for the wrong reasons, like depression or financial burdens.

Muscular Development-Fitness-Health, August, and Men's Health, June · Research conducted at the UI, about the risk of taking aspirin before exercise, was reported.







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