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Release: Immediate

UI bicyclists reminded of campus rules

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- With the approach of warmer weather, university faculty, staff and students may be thinking about getting their bicycles out of storage. Those who do are asked to remember the rules governing the use of bicycles on the University of Iowa campus.

At the heart of the rules is the concept of "slow zones" designed to mitigate conflicts between pedestrians and bicyclists. On all campus sidewalks, walkways and other areas used primarily by pedestrians, bicyclists within five bicycle lengths of pedestrians must slow their speed to match the general pace of pedestrian traffic. They must also maintain a minimum of one bicycle length from pedestrians, notify of intent to pass, and then pass slowly.

The UI also has a voluntary registration system to aid in the recovery of stolen bicycles. "We strongly encourage our bicyclists to register," said David Ricketts, UI director of parking and transportation. "In the first place, there's no fee to register. It also reduces the chances that your bike will be immobilized or impounded for parking violations."

Registration forms are available at the Parking and Transportation office in the Iowa Memorial Union Parking Ramp and at the UI Hospital Ramp No. 3. Registrations from the cities of Iowa City and Coralville are also acceptable.

Here are some other key provisions of the rules:

* Bicycles may be ticketed and impounded if they are parked inside a UI building not designated for bike parking; if they are attached to trees, shrubs, handrails, handicap parking meters; or if they limit access to a UI facility.

* Bicycles may be ticketed and immobilized -- locked in place -- if they are attached to, or rested against street furniture such as benches, tables, lamp posts and trash receptacles. Parked bikes that interfere with the use of the furniture may be impounded.

* Fines for parking violations are $5 each for the first five in a year running from Aug. 1 through July 31. Subsequent violations are $10 each. Bikes accumulating 10 or more violations in a year may be impounded. The fine for cutting, removing or damaging a UI locking device is $50.

* In addition to the fines, there will be a $10 fee for each immobilization and a $25 fee for each impoundment. A storage fee of $1 per day will be assessed after the first day of the impoundment.

* Immobilized and impounded bikes may be claimed by proving ownership and paying the appropriate fines and fees. Fees for first time offenders may be waived if they agree to register their bikes.

* Violations of the bicycling regulations can be appealed by paying the fines and fees and filing a written appeal with the Parking and Transportation Office.

Copies of UI bicycle regulations are available at the Parking and Transportation office in the Iowa Memorial Union Parking Ramp and at the UI Hospital Ramp No. 3.